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Greater Vancouver’s
Towing and Roadside Assistance Services.
“…towing to keep you going.”


City Tow Truck Vancouver & Richmond BC Car Towing Company

Roadside Assistance, Flatbed Towing, Motorcycle Towing, Car Unlock, Scrap Car Removal, Battery Jump Start and more…

Did your car get towed away?

Need an illegally parked car removed from your property?

We currently do not impound vehicles.

To look for your car that’s been towed or to get help towing a car off of your property in Vancouver, see these resources from the City of Vancouver:

You may also try calling the impound yards directly at the phone numbers below:

In Vancouver:
City Impound Yard 604-685-7246
In Richmond:
Rusty’s 604-273-1645

Tow Truck Vancouver Services & Roadside Assistance

Using a flatbed tow truck is one of the safest ways to transport a vehicle, and is ideal for transporting luxury, exotic or vintage cars.

With a flatbed, your vehicle is elevated completely off the ground preventing any tire wear and is safe from any hazards on the road, such as potholes and debris. Loading the car onto the flatbed truck is also a very simple process that requires no complicated modifications to be made to the vehicle’s drive-train.

With other towing methods where any of your vehicle’s wheels are touching the road, the wheels may need to be disengaged from the drivetrain.  This can cost you extra time and money.

To load the car, the flatbed’s hydraulic deck is lowered to the ground and your vehicle is simply driven or pulled onto the deck.

Once gently secured in place, the deck is hydraulically lifted back onto the truck with your vehicle safely loaded and ready to go.

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Need some roadside assistance?  We offer a wide range of services to customers stuck on the road, and we get them moving again in no time.

  • Got a flat tire? We’ll pump it, change it, or tow you and your car to your mechanic.
  • Locked your keys in the car? We’ll unlock your car door for you so you can get your keys back.
  • Did you run out of gas? We’ll deliver some gas to you and fill up your tank.
  • Is your battery dead? We’ll jump start your car battery or take you to get your battery replaced.
  • Car engine just not running and need to go to the auto shop? We’ll take you and your vehicle straight there.

When you need a tow truck in Greater Vancouver, call City Tow Truck.  Our ETA time estimates are the most accurate and you can depend on our services.

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Out on the road with your motorcycle and ran out of gas or having engine trouble?  Or does your motorcycle have some mechanical issues and need to be taken in to bike shop?

We offer roadside assistance and transportation for motorcycles too.

We can deliver gas to you, tire air, or transport you and your motorcycle wherever you need to go—the gas station, mechanic shop or straight to your home.

Whatever the problem is, we’ll come out to help you and get you back on the road again quickly. Or maybe your motorbike’s not running and just needs to be taken to the bike shop or garage to get fixed or put into storage.

We can transport your motorbike, motorcycle, or dirtbike to your desired location safely and efficiently.

Need to call a Greater Vancouver towing company? Call City Tow Truck.

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You’ve locked your keys in the car and you’re stranded beside your car.

Fortunately, all of our drivers are trained locksmiths with the right tools and equipment to unlock almost any car make or model; new cars and old cars.

Some methods of car unlocking can potentially damage the wiring and circuits in your car. Our drivers can unlock your car safely without damaging any part of your car.

Our auto lockout service is quick and affordable.

Give us a call if you’ve locked your keys in your car. Once we arrive, we’ll have your car keys back in your hand in just a few minutes so you can get on with your day.

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Proudly serving Greater Vancouver

Frequently Asked Towing Questions in Vancouver

Who towed my car?

We do not impound cars and we do not currently operate an impound yard. If your car was towed away in Vancouver, you may want to check with the City Impound Yard on 425 Industrial Ave in Vancouver. You can call the yard at (604) 685-7246 to check if your car was delivered there.

If your car is considered abandoned (parked on a city street or lane with expired insurance), it may have been taken to the City Abandoned Vehicle Yard. You can call (604) 321-6527 to check if your car is there.

Where do cars get towed to in Vancouver?

If your vehicle was towed away from a city street and was in violation of a City Bylaw, your car was likely towed to the City Impound Yard at 425 Industrial Ave, Vancouver. You can call them at (604) 685-7246 to check if your car is there.

If it was in a private parking lot or business parking lot, a private towing company may have towed it to their private tow yard. There may be signs around the parking area that state the towing company that patrols that area.

How long does it take for a tow truck to arrive at my location?

After you’ve called for a tow truck, it will typically take between 30 minutes and an hour for the tow truck driver to arrive at your location. Of course, the time largely depends on the traffic, weather conditions and the number of other customers that are also being helped.

How much does towing cost?

Most local Vancouver towing companies typically start a tow estimate with a hook-up fee which ranges between $50 to $85. From there, a rate for the distance towed is added which is around $3 per kilometer. On top of that is 5% for GST tax. Some companies will add on a fuel surcharge between 10% and 20%. So, the average Vancouver towing rates for an average tow from your average local towing company will generally be between $70 and $120.

What are some of the other popular towing companies nearby?

Below are some of the bigger tow truck companies in the area:

  • Busters Towing in Vancouver
  • Drake Towing
  • Canada Towing
  • Mundies Towing
  • Advanced Towing in Vancouver
  • Jim’s Towing in Vancouver


Can I get a car towed away that is blocking my driveway?

You may report a vehicle that is blocking your driveway partially or completely. The vehicle may receive a ticket from the police. Contact City Hall, advise them of the situation and they will give you the next steps towards getting that vehicle out of the way.

Tow Truck Vancouver Roadside Assistance Reviews

I had the best experience with them. Usually you hear about how rude tow truck companies are--like Busters, who I had a terrible experience with in the past. The guys at City Tow Truck are really friendly and helpful. My car died in Vancouver and I had them send me a tow truck to tow me back to my mechanic in Richmond. The tow truck driver arrived when he said he would and I got to ride along with him back to Richmond. Their prices are very reasonable and they handled my car with great care. I've got their number saved on my phone in case I need them again.
I had to get my van towed and called City Tow truck. Frank was very courteous and let me know all the details about picking up my car upfront. The tow came before than expected even though it was rush hour. Peter is very experienced and helped me to get the job done hassle free. Outstanding customer service, fairly new equipment and reasonable prices. Will recommend them no doubt.
I used the service to tow my old car to the Scrap-it program. The service was excellent and the driver very courteous and skillful. Got the job done with no hassles. Strongly recommended.
Amazing service and price. Frank is super friendly and helpful. He even arrived earlier than expected. After my recent experience with busters towing I didn’t expect to get such good service.
Called them up to get my car towed. Spoke to Frank about the details and he gave me the quote for pickup. They are reasonably priced and there service is outstanding. Peter was on time to pick the vehicle. The experience overall was fantastic and completely hassle free. Will definitely recommend there service.
Great service! I had scheduled a tow ahead of time and had Frank call to confirm he was near. Their equipment is new, service is quick, and overall very positive!
Replied to my pricing inquiry by email as requested - Were hands-down the best price out there - Delivered my motorcycle earlier than expected with minimal hassle. - would do again
Super friendly service, Frank on the phone was quick and funny. The price was fair. Peter the driver arrived with a flatbed tow truck (my preferred method, since the differential and transmission are not turning while being towed) he secured the car nicely and cautiously. Very nice guy he even called to confirm after delivering the car to the garage.
Awesome service. I was driving into work and suddenly needed a tow. Peter with City Tow Truck showed up quickly, was a pleasure to deal with, and helped sort me out. He really couldn't have been more pleasant or professional. These are the guys you want when you're in a jam.
I was in town visiting a friend when my car got stuck on the side of the road during the recent snow storm. Another towing company I called never came. These guys got to me in less than 30 minutes, were very friendly and got me back on the road. Thanks a lot!
The best price for tow truck in Vancouver and amazing service. Very nice people.
Great company! I was in the Vancouver on business for a conference and my rental actually broke down (second time this happened to me this year, needless to say I'm NOT going to be going with that rental company any more!), but the guys at City Tow Truck definitely bailed me out. Of course I didn't get the insurance that covers roadside insurance and towing when I rented my car, so I thought it was going to cost me an arm and a leg for the tow. But it was actually quite affordable! (under $100) so I was stoked! Thanks guys for the great service!
I was in a bit of panic when I first called in. The dispatcher sent a tow truck with an ETA of 40 minutes and the tow truck arrived before 40 minutes passed. It was refreshing to deal with a towing company that actually showed up early! Peter was a true gentleman and got me on my way efficiently and carefully. I am truly grateful for your help!
I had a very good experience with this team when my car broke down today. The dispatcher, Frank, was very honest, courteous and efficient: he told me that the truck could not reach me in less than 45 minutes and promised to call me when the driver was on the way. The driver, Peter, was quick, courteous, cautious with my car and with me, and made pleasant conversation with me during the drive to my mechanic. He unloaded the vehicle himself, recommended the most efficient way to claim my driver assistance benefit for insurance purposes, and emailed me my receipt. Price was fair as well. I would call them again if I was in trouble in their service area!
I am the Sales Manager of Kelowna Kia we had a situation where one of our vehicles broke down in Richmond, Just one call to Peter at City tow and he was on it!! Had it picked up and dropped off at Kia Richmond to get looked at in less than an hour. Communication was excellent! Thanks Peter!! Highly recommend.
I have a lowered Subaru WRX and they were able to transport my car onto a flatbed without and sort of damage to the body of my car - would definitely use these guys again, for any of my towing needs! Highly recommended! A+
Frank helped me out with a tow from Lansdowne Mall to the Richmond Auto Mall. Arrived about 15 mins past arranged meeting time, but understandable for delay due to traffic conditions from his originating point. Excellent tow service, very polite, used a flat bed winched system to tow my Honda Element. If I'm stuck again, I will definitely call him or his brother (family business). Excellent $ rates, full receipts and compliance with ICBC towing criteria.
When my mom's car needed towing today, I dreaded calling a towing company as past experiences haven't been great. Found City Tow online, read a few reviews and made the call. They called to let me know they were 10 min out which was greatly appreciated. Frank was friendly and efficient and mom's car was riding high on their flatbed. Even if mom didn't have Road Star, it was very reasonable. If I ever need another tow, I'll be calling City Tow.
I highly recommend City Tow Truck---it was hands down the best towing experience I've ever had. They are very reasonably priced and have excellent customer service. Frank arrived within 30 min of my call. My car wasn't starting and I was stuck on the side of the road. He checked to see if my car battery was dead or not and tried to give it a jump start to save me from paying for a tow to the mechanic. It turned out that it wasn't just the battery so I needed to take it into the shop. The shop I normally use was closed so Frank recommended a different shop. Frank even followed up with me a few hours after dropping off the car to make sure I was being taken well care of. Frank was very fair, friendly and honest. He sincerely cared about my situation and treated me very well. I've been treated very poorly by other tow truck companies, so this was a very pleasant surprise. City Tow Truck is my go-to towing company from now on and I recommend anyone reading this to do the same.
Staff is polite and professional. I booked their towing service for the morning and they were on time. Everything was done in a professional way. My car was loaded to the flatbed truck in a few minutes. Once we arrived the repairing center, the staff offloaded my car in less than 1 minute. Payment was easy. They accept credit card and it was done inside the truck. I got my email receipt. Well, it was -6 degree outside and I spent only a few minutes outside the car. Again, service is **GOOD**. Communication is **GOOD**. I will come back to their service if bad things happen to my car again. A+++++
They picked up my car 5 minutes earlier than expected, got to my destination very quickly in rush hour traffic. Frank was professional and very friendly, a pleasure to travel with. Can't recommend enough!
Had to jump start my car in Richmond and Peter headed down to help me all the way from Burnaby. He is so friendly and reassured me what steps I needed to take after jump starting my car as it was my first experience. Also suggested that I have the battery checked out to make sure everything is okay so he cares. Definitely recommend!