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About City Tow Truck

Towing to Keep You Going

We are dedicated to helping all motorists on the road who need our help. Our motto is “Towing To Keep You Going.”  That’s our mission and that’s why we do what we do.  Nobody starts their day planning to have something go wrong with their car and having to call for tow truck services.  When something happens, it’s inconvenient and it’s a disruption to your busy day.  We do our best to make those unforeseen disruptions as minimal as possible.  We strive…

  • to keep you moving when you get stuck on the road so you can get on with your day, and
  • to keep all of Greater Vancouver’s city streets flowing smoothly.

We offer numerous towing services as well as roadside assistance services. If you need our services, would like a quote or have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone:


RICHMOND: 604-265-5888 VANCOUVER: 604-670-7100

Or, contact us via email through our contact page.

Standing by 24/7

Get towing service during our operating hours from 8am to 11pm daily except Sundays.  We are open and on the roads all year round throughout Greater Vancouver, except for certain holidays.  We have someone standing by ready to take your call day or night, snow or sleet, rain or shine.  Call us today!  We look forward to serving you.

Greater Vancouver’s Tow Truck Service

We offer towing and roadside assistance services to clients all over Greater Vancouver.  We are based in Richmond and Vancouver but we also serve Burnaby, Surrey, New Westminster, Langley and Delta.

Your Towing Company

With more than one tow truck company in Greater Vancouver, we respect the fact that our customers have options in the towing service they end up hiring.  Here are a few reasons why our customers choose us:

  1. Access to a large fleet of tow trucks with the right equipment and tools to get the job done, all year round.
  2. Experienced tow truck drivers that are well trained, professional and efficient.
  3. A quick response time of 30 min or less on an average day.
  4. The right equipment and tools to get the job done, whether you need towing services or roadside assistance.