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Flatbed Towing Service


RICHMOND: 604-265-5888 VANCOUVER: 604-670-7100

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When should you use a flatbed truck

When it comes to ground transporting of vehicles and other large pieces of machinery, flatbed trucks are the safest and simplest way to get your precious payload from point A to point B.  Although flatbed trucks can be used to carry all sorts of things, the most common jobs we do for our clients with our flatbed trucks are to transport:


RICHMOND: 604-265-5888 VANCOUVER: 604-670-7100

We can pick up your vehicle, machinery, boat or other anywhere in the Greater Vancouver area including Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Delta, New Westminster and Langley.  If you’re looking to get it transported long distance (as far east as Ontario or as far south as California), we’ve got you covered.  Just contact us, tell us what you need and we’ll get it done.

The main advantages of using a flatbed truck over other methods of towing are safety, simplicity and versatility


Other methods of towing, such as using tow bars, dollies and hitches, leave some of the tires of the car being towed on the road.  As a result, the car being towed is vulnerable to wear and tear on the tires and any obstacles/debris that it may encounter on the road.  The wheels being on the ground also may create an imbalance in tire wear between the back and front tires over long distances.

In some cases, the journey will also increase your car’s odometer reading.  This may not be a concern for short distances, but it would be undesirable for longer distance tows

With a flatbed truck, the vehicle being transported is fully elevated off the road, safe and protected from road wear and debris.  Sometimes the vehicle is even covered and protected from the wind/rain.

Safety is a big reason why our customers with luxury vehicles, exotic sports cars, vintage cars or motorcycles choose to have their vehicles transported using a flatbed truck.


Because other means of towing leave the towed vehicle’s front or back tires on the road, it may be necessary to make some temporary modifications to the vehicle’s power train in order to tow the car properly and safely.  This can add more time and more cost to your towing job. When transporting a vehicle with a flatbed truck, none of these modifications are necessary.

The process of loading a car onto a flatbed truck is usually very simple.  First, the flatbed truck’s hydraulic deck is lowered to ground level.  Next, the vehicle to be towed is simply driven onto the deck and safely secured into place with straps and sometimes chains.  Lastly, the hydraulic deck with its payload is lifted back onto the truck.

The vehicle is now securely loaded onto the flatbed truck and is ready to start its journey.


Flatbed trucks are very versatile and can carry all sorts of things, not limited to the list above.  If it fits on the flatbed, can be loaded and secured into place, there’s a good chance we can transport it for you.  Not sure?  Just call us and ask.

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