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Forklift and Bobcat Transport or Delivery

If you’ve got a forklift or bobcat that needs to be transported to another location or taken to a shop to be fixed, we can help you out!

We simply load it onto one of our flatbed trucks and transport it to the location of your choice in Greater Vancouver.

Benefits of Using Flatbed Towing for Forklift or Bobcat Transportation

One of the main benefits of using flatbed towing for forklift or bobcat transportation is the safety it provides. Flatbed tow trucks are designed to securely transport heavy equipment, ensuring that it remains stable and protected during transit. The equipment is loaded onto the flatbed and secured with straps and chains, preventing any movement or damage during transportation.

Another advantage of using flatbed towing is the convenience and ease of loading and unloading. With a flatbed tow truck, there is no need to worry about maneuvering the equipment onto a trailer or dealing with ramps or inclines. The equipment can be easily loaded onto the flatbed using a ramp or loading dock, making the process quick and efficient.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, flatbed towing is often more affordable compared to other transportation methods. It eliminates the need for specialized trailers or equipment, reducing overall costs. Additionally, flatbed towing allows for multiple pieces of equipment to be transported at once, further reducing expenses.

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We operate in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Delta, New Westminster, Langley and Burnaby.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flatbed Towing for Forklifts or Bobcats

  • Is flatbed towing safe for transporting forklifts or bobcats?
    Yes, flatbed towing is a safe method of transportation for forklifts or bobcats. The equipment is securely fastened to the flatbed using straps and chains, ensuring stability and preventing any movement during transit.  On a flatbed tow truck, the equipment is also elevated above and safely away from any potential debris on the street.
  • How long does it take to transport a forklift or bobcat using a flatbed tow truck?
    The time it takes to transport a forklift or bobcat using a flatbed tow truck can vary depending on the distance and other factors. It is best to contact the towing company directly to get an estimate of the transportation time.
  • Can I transport multiple forklifts or bobcats on a single flatbed tow truck?
    Yes, it is possible, depending on size and weight limits, to transport multiple forklifts or bobcats on a single flatbed tow truck. This can help reduce costs and make the transportation process more efficient.
  • What should I look for in a towing service for transporting forklifts or bobcats?
    When choosing a towing service for forklift or bobcat transportation, it is important to look for a company with experience in handling heavy equipment, proper licensing and insurance, and a reputation for reliability and professionalism.