Drag Race – Old Truck Towing a Boat vs Porsche

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truck towing a boat racing a porsche

A couple of guys with an old red Chevrolet truck towing a small boat approach a spiffy looking guy at a gas station filling up his Porsche.

The guys with the truck exchange some compliments about the guy’s Porsche and make a friendly wager to a drag race between the Porsche and the old truck.

“I’m a Porsche fan, bro… is it fast?”

“It’s pretty fast.”

“Do you think you could beat that old farm truck?”

“I think I could”

“Wanna go for a hundred bucks?”


With the boat in tow at the back of the truck, two guys and a dog, that old red truck already weighs over 5000 pounds.

The Porsche on the other hand is a twin turbo and generates a lot of power out of the box.

Watch it all unfold and check out who wins below: