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16 Towing Jobs You’ve Never Seen

    tow truck inception

    Working in the towing industry, we come across a lot of interesting scenarios around objects being towed from one place to another.  Although none of these we’ve never seen anything quite as wacky as the examples below in Vancouver, they are pretty entertaining to look at and are certainly all sights to behold.

    Leaning Tower of TOWers

    See what I did there? That’s pretty ridiculous if you ask me. It looks a little bit like those Russian dolls that stack inside of each other. I wonder if this set up was actually able to go down the street. That definitely would have been exciting to see rolling down the street.


    Here comes Tow-Mater

    How cool would that be to call a tow truck and have none other than Tow-Mator. If you look carefully, it looks like radiator springs is actually located in the state of Texas.


    Hanging out at the beach

    That sand can sure be a bugger.  Here’s to hoping all three of them make it out of the beach altogether.

    There goes my ego

    It must be a little embarrassing for the driver of the smaller tow truck to have to need to call a tow truck for help.  Oh well. it happens.


    Towing in the Great White North

    When things get a little rough (and really cold up in Canada), that’s when the real Canadian tow trucks come out to play.


    Mini Tow Job

    Now that’s a really efficient use of deck space.  Is that even a real adult vehicle?  It actually looks more like a kid’s toy.


    Off-road Towing

    When you really just can’t wait until next week for your friend with the truck to go ATV-ing with you.  It looks like just getting the quad onto the car was a bit of an adventure in itself.


    Monster Towing

    Monster truck towing a monster trailer RV for that ultimate monster camping trip.  Look out for monsters.


    Limo Tow

    Now the limo can just sit back, kick its wheels up and relax as its chauffeur takes it to its destination in absolute style.


    Hippie Van Towing

    KISS hippies hitching a ride.  After traveling to every KISS concert they could across the country, the little hippie van that could finally gave way.


    Towing Gardens

    His wife sent him to the garden shop and he got attacked by garden gnomes.  He woke up and found his car vandalized by the gnomes.  The real story?  Probably just an old car that was in a float parade broke down… driven by gnomes of course.


    Talented Movers

    I don’t care what anyone says, that’s some real talent to be able to get that car mounted onto that little white truck.  What country is this even in?!


    Real smooth DIY towing

    Who needs a tow truck when you’ve got your own flatbed truck?  Again, really impressive.  How did they even get that car onto the truck?


    Police ride

    Who do the police call when they need a ride?  Highway 82 Towing of course.



    Now that’s real classy.  Classic tow truck towing a classic car.  Definitely don’t see this everyday, or ever!


    Impressive cart towing

    They just absolutely refuse to call and pay for a tow truck.  That looks like some good ol’ DIY junk car removal right there.cart-moving-car